Policies dove baskets

Our goal at Heaven Sent is to work with you and your loved ones to give you the type of white dove release you desire. To achieve this goal we are open to ideas and suggestions to achieve the perfect release for your event. The only thing we will not compromise is the safety of the white doves and our moral and religious beliefs.

  • We will do our best to give you a professional, well planned release.
  • We will provide healthy, clean, gentle, and well cared birds for your release.
  • We will provide a trained, properly attired professional to coordinate the release.
  • We will provide clean, beautiful display cages and baskets.
  • We will work with the photographer to help you achieve the best photo opportunity possible.
  • To ensure their safe return home, we will NOT release our birds in dangerous situations or too late in the day.
  • Please contact us with any questions or concerns you and your family might have.


We also offer gift certificates!

Funeral Package #1 "Spirit" Release single dove release $85 A single white dove will be presented in one of the carriers shown above for a close member or friend of the family to release. The single white dove represents the the release of the spirit of the deceased as it soars high into the sky, symbolizing the loved one's spirit ascending to heaven
Funeral Package #2 "Spirit and the Angel" Release three dove release $100 A pair of doves are released followed by a single white "spirit" dove. One dove signifies the spirit of the departed loved one, and the other two signifies guardian angles showing the way to heaven.
Funeral Package #3 "Holy Trinity" Release four dove release $125 A single white dove is released followed by three more doves by close members or friends of the family.

As the spirit dove begins her journey home, three more white doves follow, symbolizing the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Fallen Soldier Package "In Remembrance" Release 1-4 dove release FREE A single or multiple dove is released at memorial or gravesite in honor of the brave soldier fallen in the line of duty. Freedom is not Free. As the white dove is released into the sky, family and friends have time to honor the ultimate sacrifice their loved one provided to keep our country safe as the dove soars into the heavens.
Wedding Package #1 "Eternal Love" Release 2 doves $175 Two white doves will be released by the bride and groom from a white heart wicker basket. The breathtaking beauty of soaring doves reflects the pure love shared in union between man and wife.
Wedding Package #2

"Breathtaking Love" Release

6 dove release $200 Two white doves will be released by the bride and groom from a white heart wicker basket and the four remaining doves will be released therafter by the handler.

The total package for your special day!